Wojciech Janicki

Art director

Poznan, Poland

Wojciech Janicki is an independent art director focused on visual communication, branding, logo design, commercial and social posters. He is an academic teacher at University of Arts in Poznan, Poland.

Forever Friends

27.56 x 39.37 in
Digital Print

Forever Friends is a global project dedicated to celebration of friendship, tolerance and solidarity every day. The symbol appears in three formats: poster, flag, pin. The idea behind the poster is to share the big message of peace as an essential factor in global, local, political, social, cross-cultural and interpersonal relationships these days.


27.56 x 39.37 in
Digital Print

US elections poster is inspired by the phenomena of president elections in the United States of America as a spectacular and very often surprising event. It is like a magic show that unveils unexpected results. In this context the US elections seems to be more like a show - the winner appears as a rabbit pulled out of a hat. The visual metaphor is a bit satirical to aware a real importance of the elections.