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tyler galloway is an Associate Professor and chair of the Graphic Design department at the Kansas City Art Institute, with primary research and practice interests focused on design for social change and participatory design processes. His design work has appeared in several national and international political/social poster and art exhibitions and been published in the books “Graphis Poster Annual 2017”, “The Design of Dissent”, “Reproduce and Revolt” and the Turkish socio-political design magazine “No Tasarim”. Coursework and student projects have been published in “Designing for Social Change” and “Design Ignites Change”, having won multiple grants through the latter. He has spoken locally and regionally on design for social change and was an invited participant in the LEAP symposium at Art Center College of Design. Recent professional work has centered on visual identity and support materials for “Stand Up KC”, Kansas City’s conception of the international low-wage worker movement.

let's work to end police killing of unarmed citizens

24" x 23"

galloway's intent is to confront the viewer in a visceral way by making an emotional, then rational, appeal. He aims to remind viewers that these are flesh-and-blood humans, not just images on a newscast or statistics. Next he hopes to connect the individual first names with the single torso to shift understanding from an individual to multiple people. The viewer sees the list running off the poster, indicating continuation. Finally, the viewer can come closer to read the detail text, noting the specifics of the issue – that all of these individuals were unarmed when killed by the police and details of their killing.

stand up to end mcpoverty

24" x 23"

With total annual compensation of $7.29 million in 2014, McDonald’s CEO makes 644 times his average employee, who brings home just $11,324 annually*. Even working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, a minimum-wage worker only takes home $15,080 a year, well below the poverty line of $18,480 for a family of three**. galloway designed this poster – used in Kansas City's low wage worker protests to advocate for a living wage – to quickly highlight this massive pay disparity. A huge pile of gold coins obscures the face of the hoarder, but we know quickly who he is.