Pravin C Sevak

Associate Professor – Graphic Design, Vincennes University

Vincennes, Indiana, USA

Pravin C Sevak teaches graphic design at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. In 2012, he received Peer Recognition Award from the president of the university. Pravin has taught and practiced design in India and in Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, and Kentucky, where he has been recognized in 2002, as the most influential teacher based on graduate student surveys.

He graduated from the National Institute of Design (NID), the most highly reputed design institution in Asia, in 1979, after studying Science from Gujarat University. He then began his career with one of the most recognized designers in India, Sudarshan Dheer. Later, he worked with Bidhan and Creative Unit Advertising Agency, Bombay. In 1983, recognizing his professional experience and his passion to teach design, the National Institute of Design invited him to join as a design faculty. During his tenure at NID, he was involved in expanding and developing curricula, and enhanced the image of the institution by accomplishing prestigious projects.

In recent years he has explored different forms of creative expression and created a wide variety of work in media ranging from photography, painting, illustration, printmaking, graphic design, interactive and multimedia design and design pedagogy.

Pravin has also actively participated in numerous exhibitions, competitions, workshops and conferences and received much recognition and awards in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Iran, Italy, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and India.

"Eventually," he says, "in this information age, my research goal is to understand, explore, and share cross-cultural design needs."

Peace is Now Here

20" X 30"
Digital Output

Peace is Now Here OR Peace is No Where
Peace is now here. You are in charge of what you feel, think and act upon to bring love, peace and happiness or hatred, conflicts and war between each race, religion, or country. It’s your choice.