Patrycja Longawa

Patrycja Longawa

38-460 Jedlicze ul. Łukasiewicza 65/7 Poland

I was born 09.02.1988 year in Sanok. Now I live in Jedlicze. In 2012. I obtained a Master of Arts from the University of Rzeszów in the direction of Art Education - specialization in painting, and in 2013. I graduated a second faculty at the same university. It was a Graphics with specialization in computer graphics degree magisterskim.Zajmuję mainly drawings, posters, graphics and caricature. My work has been exhibited abroad, including in countries such as France, Germany, Mexico, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil, Peru, China, the US and Iran. One of my biggest success is winning the exhibition II. International Poster Exhibition Leipzig in Germany and obtain the title Leipziger Plakatpreis 2014

vote wisely

27.56 x 39.37 in
Digital Output

Poster shows that you need to vote wisely