Nicholas Beraghi

Graphic Designer - Quattro creative Partner


I studied Design at the pPolitecnico di Milano, and after working in Italy, Australia and Thailand, I moved to Luxembourg, where I opened Quattro Creative, together with other 2 partners. I'm an Illustrator, motion designer and tattoo artist.

The Son of...

19.68 x 27.56 in

Inspired from the famous painting by Magritte "The son of Man", but in this case there is a pun on the title... Donald Trump, the emblem of the return to the Middle Age and cultural closure. Instead of the famous apple there is a Mexican Burrito, indicating the struggle for the defense of the rights of South American migrants. On the wall intersects a barbed wire, symbol of division, and behind him a drone incessantly bombards an immense blue ocean. The hidden meaning is that we are slowly destroying years of struggle for human rights, in a time where mobility is becoming essential. We build wall more for fear that to keep the distance.