Milan Rankovic


Serbia, Serbia, Smederevo

Milan Rankovic was born on January, 20 1986 in Smederevo. Having graduated from Junior High School he enrolls at School for Design, department for industrial and interior design in Belgrade and graduates in 2005. Following that, he enrolls at Academy for aplied arts, department for industrial desing in Belgrade.
After graduating from Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade in industrial design, I was employed by private companies in which I peformed the tasks closely related to my field of education. In addition, I'm currently employed in a public institution, first as a head of the marketing department and later as the art director, in charge of organisational activities in the field of visual arts and activities in the field of graphical design, prepress activities and the like. All these have broadened my organisational, man-management and leadership skills. I was also engaged in freelance work by private companies in the field of industrial and graphic design.


19.68 x 27.56 in

Serbia is a country located in the south-east part of Europe (on the Balka peninsula). Vojvodina and Kosovo, two autonomous regions are parts of Serbia.Kosovo and Metohija is the heart of Serbia, it has had a grand history through the centuries and is meaningfull for the Serbian people. In the year 1389 a great battle was fought in Kosovo Polje, where two armies have collided, Turkish army and the Serbian army. That was an attack from Islamic states and Islam on Europe.
And World War 2, Albanians, from the neighbouring country Albania, have slowly started to settle in Kosovo and Metohija. They are mostly of muslim religion. Escalation of Albanians started in the 90`s when they began politically to artificially separate Kosovo from Serbia and then phisicaly, soon after. After that in 1999, Kosovar Albanians and Albanian Albanians along with NATO forces forcefully attack the teritorry of Kosovo and Metohija and with that, Yugoslavia. That was where horrible murders, rapes and ethnic cleansings took place. After the war finished in 1999, 90% of the Serbian population from that autonomous region was forcefully removed.
In that war, young children took part, instituted by terrorists who wanted to make a suitable territory for their criminal activity – drug smuggling, white slavery, black organ market, gun trading... those children are today thought a false history. History that turns them angry and hetfull. That all would not happened if they were not supported by large forces through some private capital.