Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez


Puebla. Mexico

Graphic designer born in the city of Puebla, Mexico, graduated from the Autonomous University of Puebla. Among the positions and functions developed are: coordinator and professor degree in Graphic Design at the College of Sciences and Humanities Puebla. Besides the work of teaching, have been diverse holdings in national exhibitions, among which include: poster con100te 2011, I Love Design 2012 and 2014 rock paper 2013 1 UP Mexico 2013 and 2015, 40 ideas Jalapa Veracruz in faculty of arts.
It also highlights their participation in national competitions such as at the 13th International Biennial of Poster in Mexico 2014 in which he was one of those selected, and the magazine awards "to design" 2014 where he became a finalist in the cartel. With regard to international exhibitions, has been selected: A POSTER FOR NOT forget DAR 2011, Hope for Japan 2011, Recolor for Somalia 2011, Save the Tipnis, 2011, Triennial The 4th block 2012, Triennale Toyama 2012, Shows your Type on different issues like Moscow 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2013, offf festival Spain 2013, Tokyo 2014, reykjavik 2015, 12ème TRIENNALE POLITIQUE INTERNATIONALE DE L'AFFICHE (LE MANAGE) Belgium 2013 International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia and BIENNIAL 2013 BOLIVIA POSTER BICeBé 2013.
Among the entries granted is having been part of the top 100 MUTZURWUT 2013 in Germany, Agide 2014 Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition, jazz in the ruins Poland 2014, first japa group social poster 2014, besides being part of the selection committee Drive poster contest for life and gender equity 2012 2012, the first organized by the IPM (Poblano Institute for Women) and the second by the IPJ (Poblano Youth Institute).



poster designed so that our society raise our government is doing with our people what you do not have to tolerate this are a force that is weakening killing people and stealing our money



poster designed after the demonstrations of teachers in Oaxaca where the police intervened and teachers disappeared