Lahav Halevy

Creative Director, Blue Collar Group

Tel Aviv, Israel

Lahav Halevy (51) is a well known graphic designer in Israel, dealing mostly with poster design, mainly for Israeli films and socio-political organizations. His posters were exhibited through the years in many exhibitions, including the Warsaw Poster Biennale (2006, 2010, 2014), The Lahti poster Biennale,, Ningbo Chine, Seoul South Korea and Paris.
He is a teacher for design and politics in the Visual Communications Dept, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

I Refuse.


Tair Kaminer, 19 years old Israeli young woman, refused to be drafted to the Israeli Defence Forces, claiming she cannot serve in an occupying army.
She was sentenced in military court 6 times in a row, spending total of 155 days in military jail, until she was released from the service on July 15, 2016.
The poster was made to spread her fight, for the organization "Refusing", an all female anti-occupation NGO.