Jason Frazier

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Jason Frazier has over 20 years in both graphic design and education. At Missouri State University, he was the Senior Graphic Designer in the Office of Publications, as well as a part-time instructor in the Department of Art and Design. Previously at Colorado State University, he taught Graphic Design and Illustration in the Art Department, and was Professor of Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design, teaching courses in graphic design studio, production, package design and digital publishing, among others, as well as leading sponsored projects and cross-discipline collaborations. In addition to teaching, he continues to pursue professional studio work with a variety of clients in publication, identity design, illustration and multimedia, and his personal work reflects his interest in technology, social and environmental issues. He has been recognized for his poster, marketing, publication and media work in the United States and Mexico, being the recipient of multiple regional and national awards for his efforts.



Without serious intervention in a very short time, out planet will suffer irreparable harm, seriously eroding its ability to support life as we know it.