designer – digital-agency.co, lecturer – University of Szeged

Szeged, Hungary

Ferenc Kiss was born in Szeged in 1972. He is graphic designer, artist and lecturer. Graduated in University of Szeged and University of Pécs. Since 1996 He has been taking part in exhibitions both individually and as a member of an artist group called »In Memoriam Geriub Gepleki«. He has been a member of the Society of the Hungarian Young Fine Artist’s Studio between 1999–2008, the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists since 2003 and the Association of Hungarian Typography Artists since 2005. He is one of the directors of the United Designs Alliance and a university lecturer since 2014.


Digital Print

Various cultural roots, ethnic composition of people in a different pattern on each other. Sometimes clear, harmonious shapes are arranged, sometimes the chaos. The world today is a moire ...