Professor, Graphic Design Troy University

Troy, Alabama, USA

Edward Noriega is a Cooper Union graduate. He participated in the graphic design program at the Kunst Gewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland, and the Yale Summer Program in Graphic Design in Brissago, Switzerland. He taught art and design courses and developed curricula for nearly twenty years at Cooper Union, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Parsons School of Design. He has lectured nationally and internationally on design, color and technology, and was formerly the Director of Undergraduate Curricula in the Digital Design Department at Parsons.

In 1999, Noriega was awarded the Distinguished University Teaching Award from the New School University. In the 2005, he was awarded the Wallace D. Malone Jr. Distinguished Faculty Award from Troy University. Noriega is the principal of a graphic design studio specializing in information graphics and presentations. He is also the co-author of Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age, 1998, Wiley & Sons Publishing.


24x46 inches
Digital Print

My design work explores the social, political and economic impact of Alabama’s Anti Immigration HB56 Law. This law was passed in 2011 and is regarded as the Nation’s strictest immigration law. The supporters of this bill see it as a way of driving down the unemployment rate by taking jobs away from undocumented workers.

I see this law as xenophobic and racist. In my opinion the law was established to intimidate people who essentially have no voice or right to protest. It is political bullying at its worst. This law violates our values as a civil society. It offers false hope about employment and economic recovery. It promotes racial profiling and is inherently discriminatory.

I have deep concerns for what this bill will do to the people it targets and deeper concerns for how this will inevitably affect Alabama’s economy.