Drewinski Lex

Prof. Dr. habil.

Rheinstr. 74,  Falkensee /b. Berlin,  Germany

Professor Lex Drewinski born on 11 September 1951 in Szczecin (Poland). In 1976-1981 he was a student at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (Poland). In 1981 Drewinski graduated with honors from Professor Waldemar Świerzy‘s Class of Poster Art. In 1983-85 he worked as a director and scriptwriter at the Animated Film Studio in Poznań. In 1985 Drewinski left Poland for West Berlin. Since1992 professor of the Faculty of Graphic Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam (Germany). Since 2010 professor of the Faculty of Graphic Design at Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland). He has been writing columns for the design quarterly „2+3D” since 2002. He had taken part in most significant poster exhibitions and competitions around the world. He has won more than 170 awards and distinctions, mainly in international competitions and cyclical and occasional events.

Without Title (EU)


The poster is showing the European Union as a dandelion slowly falling apart.