Higher Academic School of Graphic Design

Moscow, Russia

My birth was a happy stage in my parents’ life. Ideas in flight, dreams, that's what motivates a person in childhood. I've always been a dreamer – to be where no one has ever been, to see what few people have seen. I learned about the world of fantasies and the possibilities of translating them into reality.

Learning about myself I learned about the world, the art galleries of London, Vienna Opera, Morocco mosaics, the uniqueness of African tribes and the riches of Florence. So many paths and people fill our small-big world.

Then there was a school of airbrushing that revealed to me the nature of light and shade, how multifaceted colour is. The small steps to self-development and creative realization led me into the rich world of design. The teachers of the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design opened for me the door to the world of endless possibilities, patiently sharing secret art. The designer-architect of space, thoughts and images…

I want to make the world a better place. Design is what allows me to express myself; it helps me to communicate without words, to convey my thoughts to people. By creating a font, a cover, a sign or a poster I communicate; DESIGN is my language.


27.56 x 39.37 in

Everyone has the right to choose their own