Sibenik, Croatia

Ante Filipovic Grcic is a graphic designer with a degree of the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Department of Textile and Clothing Design. He was born in Split (Croatia), and live and work in Sibenik (Croatia). He is in graphic design since 1997, and before opening his own studio in  2012, he had worked in several agencies. Nowadays he has been cooperating with many cultural institutions and manifestations.


27.56 x 39.37 in

The poster was designed for the third edition of Sibenik Festival of Alternative and Left („FALIS“). The guiding principle of the third FALIS was marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, while the concept of the poster directly refers to the battle on the river Sutjeska (May, 1943), and the crucial partisans' victory over the Axis forces. Exactly 1316 citizens of Šibenik, a small Croatian town on the Adriatic coast, took part in the battle of Sutjeska and 535 of them were killed there. Their symbol was hand-embroidered red star. At a time when in Europe, shaken by the financial crisis and the wave of refugees from the Middle East, right-wing movements have been booming, and a red star as a symbol of anti-fascism has been proclaimed as improper, almost criminal sign, the FALIS poster has been recognized as a tribute to all fighters killed against fascism, actually to all uncompromising freedom fighters.