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Carrrrrrt, 2008, digital output
Bad Air Day, 2010, digital output
Black April, 2010, digital output
Fukushima Mon Amour, 2012, digital output


Yossi Lemel was born in 1957 in Jerusalem Israel. He is a political poster artist, creative director a lecturer and a teacher, graduated and taught at the "Bezalel" Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

Co-curator of the International traveling exhibition and book "Both Sides of Peace" Israeli and Palestinian posters, Museum of Contemporary Art Raleigh North Carolina since 1996. A jury member in Biennials of Moscow, Paris, Venice, Milan, Chicago, Mexico City, and invited guest lecturer in Raleigh, Boston, Minneapolis, El Paso ,Seattle, West Virginia University, Milan, Istanbul, Athens, Stockholm and more. Had numerous of social and political workshops in Universities around the USA, Mexico, Turkey, Sweden, Italy and more.

Lemel had 18 solo exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg , Denver, New Orleans , Istanbul, Casale Monferrato, Poznan, Stockholm and Jerusalem.


Work Statement

Carrrrrrt portrays iconic shopping cart, with a twist - more vicious, agressive, and more biting, the shopping cart with the teeth symbolizes the greediness, the endless consumption, the 'biting' capitalism, in its worst form, that eventually eats your savings and security in the endless race. The metaphor symbolizes a wild beast, a predator, and the colors - red and white - symbolize, on the one hand, blood and bones, and on the other hand,a very well known product, Maybe... Coca Cola?,

Bad Air Day corresponds ironically with the common expression 'bad hair day'. The dry leaf presented in the poster, which I found lying on the pavement in front of my house, had a shape that immediately reminded me of a pair of lungs, suffocating in the heavy tel-aviv morning pollution.

Black April is a protest against all the elements that were involved with the catastrophic pollution that started with the malfuction of the BP company that irresponsibly polluted the waters of the Mexican gulf, continuing with the authorities and the media that took part in misleading and misinforming the public about the crimes against nature that will probably last for the next few generations. 'Black april' refers to the date of the catastrophe, and the black oil that spilled into the heart of the gulf. The blue eye is a metaphor for the gulf, which is crying because of the oil.

Fukushima Mon Amour was created at the night of the 11th of March, after hearing the terrible news from Japan. The blue line refers to the Tsunami wave, the red sun of the Japanese flag sinking into it, and bleeding in the water, all this creating the shape of a "nuclear mushroom" predicting the nightmare of a nuclear catastrophe like in Hiroshima. So on the one hand it is a warning sign and on the other an emotional participation (like the movie with this name) in the tragedy, that will probably affect us all.