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The Kayan Song, 13x19 in., digital print


Seiji Ikeda was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1977, but was raised in Manhattan, Kansas. Growing up as a Japanese descent in a predominantly caucasian "Heartland of America" cultured complex personal viewpoints for him. He decided to further evolve these perspectives by traveling and living in various countries around the world before eventually settling in Arlington, Texas.

Originally his education was in the life sciences to pursue a career in the medical field. But ultimately he couldn't ignore the arts and pursued them full-time. Seiji finalized his formal education with a Master's of Fine Arts degree from Kansas State University in Visual Communications in 2008.

In addition to traditional design and arts, Seiji is a self-taught web technologist and continues to research new digital mediums as related to the web, ethnography, gaming, and world cultures.

Seiji's dual self-identity, global expeditions, and ethnography of the internet has always been his strongest influences. His explorative work centers around the concept of the web as a mini-cosmos that is reflective of our real world culture and inner-self. He works both in print mediums, the underground field of web art, and design-related clients.


Work Statement

Seiji Ikeda dealt with the issue of how modernity and technology is steadily stamping out tribal villages in the north of Thailand, much like insects being stamped out by a passing pedestrian; neither entity aware of the destructive force they are capable of. The portrait contains a tribeswoman with an elongated neck of brass rings of the Kayan tribe. She is slowly transitioning into becoming an insect as her identity of self is forcibly being vanished by the external powers that be; powerless to stop the inevitable outcome like that of an insect against a giant.