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Politics, 14.5 x 20.5in., digital output


Bob van Dijk, born in 1967 in The Hague, The Netherlands graduated cum laude at the Royal academy of fine arts (KABK). Started his career at Studio Dumbar, where in 1996 he won the prestigious Dutch Design prize for his poster campaign for 'Holland Dance Festival.' Those posters also received a typography excellence award in New York & London. In 1994 Bob van Dijk was asked to work on the European side of the Euro coin. In 2000, he set up NLXL with 2 partners, worked on identity Telecom Italia for Leagas Delaney, campaigns for HP and worked with W+K on the global campaign for Coca Cola - Walk on the Coca Cola side of life. He even made a logo for a Dutch Princess. His work is in MOMA, New York & Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Bob van Dijk gives lectures & workshops about the power of creativity all around the world. He has been in the USA several times, Lebanon, China & most of the countries in Europe. Bob van Dijk has his work published in several books and magazine about Graphic Design worldwide. From 2009-2010, van Dijk was the design director at LAVA in Amsterdam, where he helped the company achieve the European Design Agency of the year.


Work Statement

The poster made by Bob van Dijk is about Politics in general. It is universal that politicians create better stories than reality - to get elected.

The inspiration is 'Pinokkio' the wooden doll that gets a bigger nose - every time he lies about something (fairytale). On the right side you see the profile of Pinokkio - with a big nose, saying beautiful words to us - the colored repetition of his profile. Sounds beautiful - but all lies!

This design is an abstraction, because after listening to politicians, one finds that with a lot of words, they don't say a thing.