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Sl�n, 12x18 in., digital output


Unthink is a Dublin-based creative design studio with a passion for ... well, for creative design. Since 2006, we've been creating innovative, fresh and unique print and digital products, as well as complete branding systems for a wide range of national and international clients. As an agency, we are inquisitive, open minded, and approach every new project with a sense of fun. Unthink is Noelle Cooper, Colin Farmer and Philip Farmer.

Work Statement

The number of people emigrating from Ireland last year reached approximately 76,400*, the overwhelming majority of whom were young adults. With this trend set to continue for the foreseeable future, 'the land of a thousand welcomes' may need to rethink its strapline. The word sl�n means goodbye in Gaelic.

*Source: Central Statistics Office