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All Love is Sweet, 10.25 x 19 in., letterpress


It's no surprise that Jenni Undis works in letterpress. She comes from a family of printers, started collecting stationery and stickers as a tween, and has been obsessed with paper, text, handwriting and the handmade for as long as she remembers. As the owner and creative director of Lunalux, many of her interests are appeased: she works on custom-designed letterpress projects with clients around the country, oversees the Lunalux stationery boutique, hosts events in and out of the studio, and collaborates with her staff on various letterpress concoctions. Recent projects of note have included the Letterpress Lock-In (part of the Northern Spark art festival), a limited-edition print for the summer 2012 Community Supported Art subscription, and the _______ IS WHAT WE MAKE TOGETHER project in collaboration with Walker Open Field. Jenni graduated from Macalester College in 1996, having concentrated on media studies and studio art. She's also a retired rollergirl, The Coolest Aunt Ever to 16 nieces/nephews, and an eager student of the domestic arts. Jenni collects cancelled stamps and security envelopes, and would love to show you a picture of her cat. She's a life-long Minnesotan and currently lives and works in Minneapolis.


Work Statement

In November 2012, Minnesota will be the 32nd U.S. state to ask residents to vote on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. When this was announced in early 2011, supporters of marriage freedom and equality quickly started to speak out against the amendment. Jenni Undis conceived the ALL LOVE IS SWEET poster in June 2011, and printed the first edition during the Twin Cities GLBT Pride festival, which happens right outside the Lunalux studio. That first edition quickly sold out (with most of the proceeds donated to the organization working to defeat the amendment), as did the second edition. The print on display in ?The Posters of Discontent? show is one of the finest from the third edition, which was printed this Spring. ALL LOVE IS SWEET is letterpress-printed on a Vandercook SP-15, using vintage wood and lead type, and a rainbow-fade of ink colors. Lunalux plans to produce this poster forever, or until the freedom to marry is extended to all loving couples in Minnesota (whichever comes first).