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Warm Blooded, 16 x 28.5 in., Giclee Print


Michael J. Salter is a graphic designer and art director native to Michigan and working in Southern California. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University's BFA program, Michael J. has worked for a wide range of clients that include Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, Quiksilver, Vans, HTC, Interscope Records, Volkswagen, Alternative Apparel, AT&T and Disney. He continues to pursue his career working in a multi-disciplinary studio and as a freelance graphic designer. He is active in his community as a performing musician and recording artist while still managing to find time to experiment with other artistic media such as painting, silk screen, collage and photography.


Work Statement

The scientific community has presented overwhelming evidence that shows how our species has a direct impact on climate change. Yet the corporate machine has an obligation to cast doubt on the theory of global warming and continue to operate in a way that maximizes their short term profit while ignoring long term consequences. "Warm Blooded" is proposed as a reflection of ourselves and what we are doing to effectively change our climate and put our ultimate survival in question. While our actions are not limited to oil consumption, it stands as one of the most obvious detriments to the environment and to our ability to keep peace in oil-rich regions of the world.