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Dis-Unity, 30x30 inch, inkjet print


Chad Reichert is the proprietor of spirit3design, a studio specializing in visual communications and typographic endeavors. His work has been recognized by various design organizations including ACD, CASE, and AIGA. His writings have appeared in "Teaching Motion Design" and the self-published "A Process Workbook." He has lectured nationally on topics including typography, motion design and smart programming for design organizations. He has curated multiple design exhibitions and continues to work as a design consultant for an international clientele.

In addition to his design practice, Chad is an Associate Professor of graphic design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where he teaches visual communications, typography and motion design. He was a Co-Founder and the Design Director of Kaya Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to preserving tropical rain forests thru innovative relief strategies to benefit the poor. He also served as President of AIGA Detroit, the Professional Association for Design. In that capacity, he sought out opportunities to celebrate the rich heritage of Michigan graphic design and increase awareness of that tradition regionally and nationally.

Chad received his undergraduate degree in graphic design from Valparaiso University, attended graduate school at the California Institute of Arts and completed his MFA in graphic design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


Work Statement

A comment on the current state of the U.S. and it's two major political parties, whose motivations (or lack thereof) are put ahead of their constituent's interest and well-being. Instead of a unified nation working together to make progress in a less than stellar economic situation, the parties and its members are selfishly moving in opposite directions, leaving the welfare of the nation behind.