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I am Normal, 27.5 x 39 in., digital output


Rena Chrysikopoulou and Michael Ochs studied Visual Communication at the University of Arts in Kassel, Germany. After having worked in various agencies in Frankfurt and Athens, among others at the Department Image and Identity of the Organizing Commitee of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, they founded pi6 communication design in 2005. They are co-founders and co-organisers of the biannual Design Walk exhibition in Athens and have been members of the judging committee in several design competitions. Rena Chrysikopoulou and Michael Ochs are teaching typography since 2009 at Vakalo College of Art and Design and they have held numerous lectures and workshops. Among pi6 clients are big cultural organizations and companies in Greece and abroad. Pi6 projects have been awarded by national and international design competitions such as the iF communication design awards, the European Design Awards, the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, the Chicago International Poster Biennial, the Golden Bee Awards and the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards. Interviews and works have been published in many national and international media.


Work Statement

The poster, titled "I am normal", makes a bittersweet comment on the black and white mentality of discrimination and the way that discriminating is taught to us, as the ultimate surviving rule.