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Social Justice 2008, 12 posters, 14" x 21.5" each, offset lithography


Regarded as one of the most distinctive image makers working today, Luba Lukova has held solo exhibitions at UNESCO in Paris, DDD Gallery in Osaka, La MaMa Gallery in New York, and the Art Institute of Boston. Her many awards include the Grand Prix Savignac at the International Poster Salon in Paris, the Gold Pencil from The One Club in New York, and Honor Laureate at the International Poster Exhibition in Fort Collins, CO. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and the World Bank. She is the author of the critically acclaimed Social Justice poster portfolio containing visual reactions to many of the pressing issues of our time. Since its publication, the posters have been exhibited around the world and in the US, including the prestigious art exhibit at the inauguration of President Obama and also the Occupy protests in New York City and Washington, DC. Lukova's new book, Graphic Guts (Clay & Gold), featuring her social commentary art will be published later this year.


Work Statement

Ms. Lukova does not presume to decide for anyone what they should conclude from the images in this portfolio, rather she leaves it to the viewer to draw their own conclusions about each poster's meaning . . . to create their own paths of change if they share her belief that action--that change--is not only necessary, it is just and it is right.