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GAZA Project Series 19x22 in., Digital Output


Born in 1986 in Tripoli - Lebanon , from a Lebanese father and a Salvadorian mother, Aly belongs to a new generation of Arabic artists working in the fields of graphics, illustration and animation. His design work ranges from creating new Arabic fonts, corporate identities, animations and print publications.

Aly is distinguished artist, owner of a very personal style who has successfully indulged into various forms of art creation. Designer, Typographer, director, animator, illustrator, and photographer, where all his different forms of expression merge together in creating a whole personal unique visual universe which made him achieve international recognition.

The messages in his work combine the global concepts of love, self-awareness, peace and beauty of Creation, a tradition that is deeply rooted in Islamic literature and thoughts. It aims to encourage the viewer to think, remember and contemplate on their own lives and be inspired to change.


Work Statement

GAZA Project was made by Aly when he was in the university in 2008 after the war on Gaza, it had of 6 posters which were targeting different groups of audience.
1- This poster was a demand to the world to act and donate to the people of Gaza without stop, because of the terrible scale of the continuing human crisis.
2- This poster is targeting the israeli soldiers, and speaking to them with their own religion, talking to them with what they believe in, the 10 commandments of Moses which orders them not to kill and not to steal which they are not applying with the Palestinians.
3- Same idea
4- This poster demands specially from the ordinary people who were symbolized by the headless body, the head represents the arab governments which were unable to follow up with the enthusiasm of the people.
5- This one is addressing to the international community which is acting blind and ignoring the palestinians right in their homeland which was stolem by the Israelis.
6- This poster is mocking the arab governments and criticizing their incompetence towards the genocide in Gaza at that time, and the mockery was by saying Thank you (for nothing).