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The poster was made for the 13th Competition-Exhibition of the Chaumont Poster Festival 2006. The exhibition allowed students of graphic design to express themselves on a current French issue and invited designers to reflect collectively upon the unbearable persistence of social injustices and discrimination poisoning the society.

France 2005. The death of two teenagers, Zyed and Bouna, in a relay station of a high voltage transformer in Clichy-sous-Bois on the 27 October 2005 set off the biggest uprisings in the banlieues (suburbs) that France has ever known. Violence is the result of how immigration has been dealt with. The authorities are faced with a situation that has been building up over decades. In short, the governments by suppressing government aided jobs for the young, cutting the credits for urban renovation and cutting off the associations� means of subsistence manufactured this time bomb.

A smashed bottle of wine (France is famous for its wine.) sets free the liquid-wine-blood. The blood is taking the shape of France and reveals, the position where the bottle was smashed, the �banlieues.�

WHAT �S BEHIND THE UPRISINGS IN THE �BANLIEUES� (URBAN PROBLEM AREA IN FRANCE), blackline print and silk screen, 24 x 36 in. each, 2008