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The field of graphic design is responsible for much of our everyday visual culture � everything from junk mail to your graduation certificate and from tabloids to holy texts. In today�s consumer culture, graphic design works overwhelmingly in service of commercial ends. My understanding of the field is so much more broad and, well, useful than convincing people to buy things. I am interested in the areas of graphic design that can truly facilitate and enhance relationships, understanding and ultimately, quality of life. I hope to contribute to bettering my corner of the world through working with small groups or individuals who normally would not have access to professional design services � to allow smaller voices to speak in their own idiom. This works to increase the diversity of visual dialogue in the community. I also am seeking new ways to understand and facilitate the designer/client relationship through greater collaboration and tactics for client participation in creating the work. The career-long struggle is to forge new ways of thinking about and making design that support my personal hopes for the communities in which I live: increased quality of life, awareness, equity, diversity and harmony. idealistic, yes, but vital.

consensus vs voting, blackline print and silk screen, 24 x 36 in. each, 2008