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In �Two of a Kind,� we see that once again Big Business and Big Media have presented us with their two lackluster, business-as-usual puppet candidates who give lip-service to �Change� while marching down exactly the same disastrous path that got us to the spot we�re in. Our �two-party system� is broken, it is an embarrassment and it is an insult to real Democracy. When the two choices are 90% the same, is that really a choice at all? Thankfully there are other, more qualified people running. You just don�t hear much about them because they�re not on the corporate payroll. This poster asks people to look long and hard at ALL candidates before voting and suggests that the only �wasted� vote is one cast out of ignorance or fear.

�Re-Learning What We�ve Forgotten� implores people to make better use of the space around them (as we see food crises around the globe, skyrocketing fuel costs and our own economy headed for another Depression), by turning their golf-green yards, vacant lots, balconies or rooftops into productive permaculture gardens.

Two of a Kind, screen print, 16 x 23 in., 2008
Re-Learning What We've Forgotten, screen print, 12.5 x 19 in., 2008