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HappyChaos organized a small election party during the evening of the Dutch governmental elections of 2006. For the poster image I took a guess, showing the former Prime Minister (he has become one of my favorite persons to portray) Jan Peter Balkenende as a preppy clown. And he won again! His clown�s nose is the logo of the left-wing party the SP (Social Party). They made big progress by growing towards 26 seats in parliament. The poster appeals to me for its striking image, the good guess / result and, afterwards, it has become a more symbolic image to me on what politics means for the citizens in Holland and how the dutch public truly think about politicians nowadays. The faith in dutch politics and politicians and their promises during election time has declined tremendously compared with 10 years ago. People feel it to be one big joke.

HappyChaos is an organization run by students of the University of Amsterdam connected with the editorial of the red-wing Vrij Nederland magazine. Every year it organizes one or two festive events around serious debates on a current theme on the political agenda. I have worked for Happychaos as a designer from 2002 until 2007. They have always given me the freedom to create their promotional material. It has been a platform to experiment with design and content. It has therefore influenced my other work a great deal. It could be seen as an anchorpoint each year on where I was standing as a designer.

Variété Electorale, digital print, 23.4 x 33 in., 2006