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Mehdi Saeedi was born in Tehran, Iran. He studied graphic design at the Art Academy and afterwards majored in Art and Design at England´┐Żs Cambridge University.

After completion of his academic studies he began work at Asr-e-Jadid Advertising Agency in the capacity of graphic designer and creative director. In 1998 he opened his private studio working with some of the most prominent cultural centers in Iran such as Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Academy of Art, music centers and the film industry, etc.

He has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world and has won several important prizes both locally and internationally. He has also received a research study scholarship from Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for innovation and creativity in his posters.

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art published his collection of works in 2004. In addition, his works have been published in reputable international magazines, and they are exhibited and kept in collections, galleries and museums around the world.

The Congress of Social Pathology in Iran, offset lithography, 47.2 X 35.4 in., 2006
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN I REPRESENT THE NEW SYMBOL OF PEACE, offset lithography, 47.2 X 35.4 in., 2006