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Where were you the day the planes hit? What did you imagine was happening?

This poster memorializes the tragic day that America was attacked by terrorists�simultaneously hit with the realization of our vulnerability and others� extreme hate from abroad.

Life has changed since then. The Bush administration has used this tragedy as justification to invade two countries, supposedly in the name of freedom and democracy. But the man who proudly declared responsibility for the al-Qaeda attacks is still free. It was recently uncovered that the invasion of Iraq was initiated under false pretenses�yet allowed the government to perpetuate and take advantage of the public�s fear. As a result, we are currently at war with a country that had nothing to do with September 11, while affluent individuals prosper from the funding of the war. Our dependence on foreign oil continues to grow, as the value of the dollar sinks. And our government now feels entitled to invade a citizen�s right to privacy.

In the midst of these developments, let us not forget the 2,974 who died that memorable September day in 2001.

September, spray paint and stencil, 20 x 26 in., 2008