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I first became interested in Columbia�s struggles to clean mine fields this summer. I was moved by the fact that while landmines are placed to protect coca fields, cocaine laboratories and drug trade routes, the victims of these landmines are the poor. Many mines are disguised as colorful objects or toys, and many mine victims are children. Antipersonnel minefields are having a profound effect on Columbia�s ability to move, grow and thrive. I wanted to create a poster which captured this cause�s double-edged threat to innocence. Creating a threat that especially targets children has an especially lurid discomfort. I used monoprints to create child-dolls that had the maimed look of being pressed unnaturally into the earth.

SAVE A CHILD, SAVE A LIFE. Antipersonnel Mine Cleanup fo Columbia, screenprint,
18 x 24 in., 2008