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Jonathan Barnbrook and his studio have been active since 1990, working across a broad range of disciplines including graphic design, industrial design, typeface design and film. Barnbrook Design consists of four designers and a coordinator, they are Jonathan Barnbrook, Elle Kawano, Marcus Leis Allion, Jonathan Abbott and Daniel Streat.

One of Barnbrook Design�s most visible forms of activity is in the world of typeface design. Here they have extended a socio-political view to this often quietly traditional world by producing typefaces based on historical forms but with a very contemporary subversive influence and titled in an appropriately confrontational manner. Typefaces with names such as �Manson� (American serial-killer), Exocet (French missile) and Bastard (English swearword) have garnered both praise and criticism for the highlighting of the relationship of words to the letterforms that represent them.

Jihad, lambda print, 33 x 46.5 in., 1992
Corporate Fascist, lambda print, 16 x 20.5 in., 2001